Je m'en vais

Je m'en vais is a picture book

Text and illustrations © Martina Vanda 2005
edizioni TunnellingP 2013
ISBN 978-88-909152-0-8

Collage made from a rigourous selection of black&white photos from daily newspapers. Each piece of paper is seen as an extract of time and was cut out from newspapers published during the period when working. Barcelona.

The text conveys the desire and the urge to leave, to go, to abandon. And it describes the exitement of the waiting for departure.

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BIB- Biennial of illustration Bratislava 2011

Annual Illustratori Italiani 2006 (Mondadori) 


 Avaible here:
Giannino Stoppani, Bologna
Adiacenze Luna Lab Store, Bologna
Nora-P, Roma
Usagi, Paris