¡Estela, grita muy fuerte!

¡Estela, grita muy fuerte! 
is a children's book

text © Isabel Olid
illustrations © Martina Vanda 2006
Fineo editorial, Mexico/Spain, 2008; 2018

English, Catalan, Spanish available.
Please contact me for any enquires.


 2008 - Jose Saramago signes the Manifest that was wrote from Bel Olid, Silvia Garza an I: Manifiesto contra el silencio sobre el abuso sexual infantil

2009 - Fineo Editorial and RANA create the Program "Grita muy Fuerte" which helps teachers to read the book at schools and to detect sexual abuses in children's life.

2009 - RANA - Red de Ayuda a Ninos Abusados - adoptes the book and brings it to the elementary schools of Balearic Islands

2010 - Tajamar Editores, publishes the book in Chile

2010 - I Prize QWERTY: The Best Children's Book in Spain

2012 - This book is the Recipient of the SEP: the Government of Mexico publishes and distributes 90,000 copies, one to each child of elementary school in Mexico

2012 - The Family Health Centers of San Diego in California and Municipio de San Pedro of Mexico, adoptes the book

2014 - Fineo editorial publises 23,000 copies more for a special Program in Mexico

2015 -  Recipient of a Funding from the Alec Baldwin Foundation, to publish the book in the Balearic Islands

2017 -  The book is translated in to 7 indigenous languages of Mexico. 10,000 copies are distribuited by Fieno editorial

2017 - Is nominated among the best 10 children's books about sexual abuse

 2018 - New edition Fineo editorial, Spain and Mexico


2008  Manifiesto contra el silencio sobre el abuso sexual infantil  José Saramago sign the Manifest