Daily News - NOTEBOOKS



Daily News Notebooks is one of the most exiting and successful project I have created and produced during last two years.

It is a playful project that combines Art and Design. In particular, I use the most interesting and courageous drawings that I made and I print them on the cover of white notebooks.
I choose a drawing for the front and one for the back cover, and I create at will, playful repartee, non-sense dialogues about any topic or any non-topic I like.
Front and back become an inseparable dualism of fragments of life, with emotions and fears, certitudes and indecisions; a balanced alternation of moments that I combine to bring beauty and irony to the viewer.

The covers are continuously updated with new drawings or new combinations of old drawings.
To date I have printed more than 40 different covers.

They are available on my SHOP and
in Rome: at Museo MAXXI, Museo MACRO, Fox gallery, Libreria Stendhal.
In Milan: at galleria Affiche
L'Aquila: libreria Polarville

Din A5
Digital print
cover: Fedrigoni Extra White 300g
interior: 60 ivory pg; 100g
staple format