Plates 1

Plates I: Sculptural Drawings;
Rome 2015; 
sculpture, porcelain, glaze, oxides.

Irreverence, playfulness, vitality and personal narrative for this on going project.

These extremely thin porcelain plates appear as an extension of my sketchbook.
I scribble these items in the same way I do on papers; to take note of my thoughts, ideas and projects.
Here I work intuitively and spontaneously, with an experimental approach to the technique and trying to push the material to its limit.
I am guided by my compulsive need to draw on everything I make, trying to capture the balance between thoughts and gestures, abstraction and representation.

Porcelain tableware are made to satisfay basic functionalities and be visually appealing.
Here I play with the disorientation we feel when the expectation towards ceramics is not fulfilled.
The functional aspect in the art, and the way in which we interact with domestic objects, inspires me. It gives me the opportunity to rediscover in the common everyday object, not the standardized image, but its spectrum of action on tactile sense and creativity.